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Shijiazhuang ZaiZhang Hospital

About Shijiazhuang ZaiZhang Hospital

Found in 1988, Shijiazhuang Zaizhang Hospital is the first specialized medical institute featured by “diagnosis depending on western medical, treatment relying on TCM”, which contains specialties in blood disease, kidney disease, diabetes and tumor. It covers 9000 square meters, which has over 150 medical staff and is equipped with 120 award beds. It is known as a modern hospital combined with “medical service, education, scientific research ”.

The hospital has a number of famous scholars and experts with significant influence at home and abroad. With years’ of clinical experience, our experts team conclude a unique therapy combing western and Chinese medicine. The basis theory is featured with “diagnosis depending on western medical, treatment relying on TCM”. Controlling disease development by western medicine while regulating immunity by TCM therapies to achieve the goal of balance between “yin” and “yang” is the key of our unique treatment.

Since our hospital was built up, we always put medical care and treating skill into the key point. Relying on “patient-centered” conception, our hospital combine international leading skill and Traditional Chinese Medicine, elaborate medical management and systemic rehabilitation, holistic care and personalized service together, achieving a great reputation from patients home and abroad. We gather national leading experts from different famous top 3 hospital to practiced as consultant at regular intervals.

The reputation of our hospital goes throughout home and abroad, which attracts thousands of domestic and overseas patients, who comes from Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao, Thailand, Netherlands, Pakistan etc. During the long journey of fighting against disease, you are not alone. All of our staff are glad to offer you the best medical service and soul bay.